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Our Story

When a child joins a music group, a scout troop, or a sports team, they embark on a journey that shapes the person they become. It's more than just an activity. And it's more than an instrument, a uniform or a few high fives.

It's about promises.

A promise to work just as hard off of the stage as they do on. Or the field, the court or the rink. A promise to show up, be present and play their part with energy and enthusiasm. To lift up those that are down. And win or lose, a promise to proceed with grace, dignity and compassion. Character doesn't come in the form of trophies or medals.

Character is built by keeping your promises.

We know you see the value in a promise. That's why you give your time freely to support these organizations and continually provide opportunities for the promise keepers to keep their promises.

The things that drive you are the things that drive us. In 1876, James Welsh Pepper built a business based on keeping promises. Steeped in history and tradition, our legendary service stands atop those same promises – cornerstones for almost 140 years.

We promise the same unwavering service to you.

We know it's about more than just helping you run a fundraiser. It's about being a partner you can trust. Let us take on the hard work and put time back in your busy schedule. So you can focus on what matters.

Your job is tough. Raising money shouldn't be.

Pepper Fundraising