Pepper Fundraising Facts
Our fundraising catalog lets your supporters shop with a purpose.

It's Risk Free

It costs you nothing to run your sale.
  • * There are no upfront costs
  • * There are no order minimums
  • * It works for any size group

Fewer Volunteers Needed

We prepack everything so you will not need volunteers to sort and pack.
  • * Packets arrive ready to distribute to students
  • * Orders arrive sorted and packed for each seller
  • * You receive a detailed list of sales for each seller

We Ship to Your Customers

If you choose to do so, you never have to handle the products and can extend your customer base.
  • * We ship anywhere in the USA for just $5
  • * Supporters from all over the USA can support your program

Customer Support

  • * You'll work directly with a sales representative for the duration of your campaign
  • * Free Kick-off Kits are available
  • * Online ordering is available

Flexible Options for Profit Incentives

  • * Profits can be tiered by the amount each student sells, or by the amount the total group sells


  • * The more a seller sells, the higher their profit
  • * Top sellers are entered into a big prize drawing
  • * Prizes awarded to sellers based on their participation

Handpicked for Quality

  • * Many of our products are handcrafted, eco-friendly and made here in the USA
  • * Every order is backed by our 100% guarantee

Schedule Anytime

  • * Start and end the sale when you want
  • * You can even sell all year
  • * Seasonal supplements keep a fresh offering of products available
Pepper Fundraising Products

We have more than 400 items for sale, and will continue adding good new products

* Books & Games
* Candles
* Flags
* Soaps & Lotions
* Lunch Totes
* Coasters & Placemats
* Bulbs & Seeds
* Wall Plaques & Signs
* Jewelry
* Sports Fan Gear

Order a Brochure: 10351472 ext: 5222



J.W. Pepper is a member of the Association of Fund-Raising Distributors and Suppliers (AFRDS)