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Pepper Fundraising

Pepper® Fundraising Terms of Booking

J.W. Pepper & Son, Inc. has developed Pepper Fundraising to provide organizations and groups with the ability to raise funds needed to support their mission.

By submitting this request to book a Pepper Fundraising program, you certify that you have the authority to initiate a fundraising logistics relationship between Pepper Fundraising and the benefitting organization denoted on this request ("The Organization"). The Organization acknowledges that all funds raised through Pepper Fundraising will be used to promote The Organization's mission of promoting the betterment of the local community through direct educational, music, athletic, cultural or humanitarian means. The Organization understands and agrees to J.W. Pepper & Son, Inc.'s privacy policy, found here.

Pepper Fundraising programs are not available to individuals, political organizations or groups outside the United States, including United States Territories.

Pepper Fundraising maintains an "at will" relationship with each Organization, and reserves the right to deny its services to any group that does not meet the above criteria or whose mission is not consistent with these guidelines at any time.